Artist, South Wales, CSAD Graduate. 


I’m interested in the value of physical Artworks in a digitalised society, and how this affects our understanding of the significance related to a physical experience of perception. Artworks are no longer defined by a unique sensory interpretation, and I aim to question this within my practice by displaying digitalised and physical objects together within a display. The photograph is both the object and the replica, and once presented digitally so is the three dimensional entity. By positioning the physical object alongside films, photographs and posters of it, I aim to examine and question the role of the sensory object whilst promoting the need for it. There’s a tension within my practice between continuing the formalist tradition of making visually complete objects that are to be perceived with a certain aura, and examining the pointlessness of originality within a digital age. Each proliferation of my objects are elevated to an equal height, allowing them to become both past and present or original and replica. I’m interested in the contradiction between showing a work that is carefully crafted over a long period of time alongside a digitalised version of it, and the tension this causes within a display. Curation is an essential part of my practice and it is the election and arrangement of my objects that creates the work. The balance between each component shapes the work as a whole, and the contrast of the singular entities being both individually elaborate and interchangeable is essential within my practice.  



2020 -HOTHOUSE (Group Show), Cardiff M.A.D.E., Cardiff

            -Umbrella (Group Show), Umbrella Capitol Centre, Cardiff

            -CSAD Online Degree Show 2020

            -Robot Schnauzer (Group Show), Tactile Bosch Lounge, Cardiff

2019 -How To Accurately Assemble A Scaffold (Group Show), Arcade/Campfa, Cardiff 

           -Associates Show 2019 (Group Show), Arcade/Campfa, Cardiff

2018 -Myriad (Group Show), Arcade/Campfa, Cardiff


2019 -How To Accurately Assemble A Scaffold, Arcade/Campfa, Cardiff


2019 -Helen Gregory Memorial Prize for Funding


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